Products with Tubes locks

Quick release adapter
The universal adapter for the quick release system allows you to maximize the comfort when using pla..

15.00€ (1 305.00₽)

Cumberband Tubes for A-18 Skanda and Goliath
Cumberband for vests of the A-18 Skanda and Goliath series equipped with Tubes locks. It is installe..

60.00€ (5 220.00₽)

Cumberband Tubes for JPC and AVS
Cumberband for body armor JPC or AVS equipped with Tubes locks. Suitable for vests of any manufactur..

58.00€ (5 046.00₽)

Cumberband Tubes for T-Tec

72.00€ (6 264.00₽)

MOLLE Tubes adapter
Universal adapters with plastic locks designed by First Spear Tubes for quick stripping of the vest ..

38.00€ (3 306.00₽)

Tubes Castle
Our company made an analysis of the available solutions for quickly stripping the cumberband and cam..

27.50€ (2 392.50₽)

Cumberband Tubes for LBT6094
Cumberband for vests of the LBT6094 series equipped with Tubes locks. It is installed instead of the..

82.50€ (7 177.50₽)

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Products with Tubes locks