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Zenit LLC was founded on December 13, 1994. We started out with the production of small LED flashlights. For more than 25 years of the company's existence, they have evolved into a range of professional gun lanterns for service and hunting small arms, as well as outboard lights for mounting on a shield and powerful searchlights. In 2006, our lamps were accepted for supply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.


Scientific-Production Association "AEG" is a developer and supplier of electronic samples for airsoft. The products that are manufactured by the company are airsoft copies of real samples of weapons, special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Army and the FSB of the Russian Federation. Manufactory located in Russia



A large engineering company located in the city of Valdai, Novgorod Region. Specializes in the production of collimator sights for the Russian army. Manufactory located in Russia


"Ars Arma"

Production Russian military equipment. Supplies equipment to combat units of the Russian Federation, including the FSB, the MTR of the RF Ministry of Defense, the FSO (USS SBP), the SPN of the Russian Defense Ministry, SOBR, and others. Manufactory located in Russia



The first company to equip Russian special services with advanced equipment and military clothing ever made in Russia. Using the most modern materials and advanced technologies. Gear and clothing helps to survive in the most extreme situations and have an advantage over the enemy. Manufactory located in Russia



The main activity of the production company is the development and manufacture of special military and police equipment, field uniforms and equipment of a high level of quality that meets professional standards. Manufactory located in Russia


"Tactical Decisions"

The company manufactures the "DOLG" ("Duty") belt, which has already received several improvements and is now popular in several countries around the world. Belts fell to both the military and law enforcement officers, athletes, hunters and airsoft players. In a word - to everyone who somehow works with long-barreled firearms or their replicas. Manufactory located in Russia.



The company produces a replica of the famous APB/APS pistol "Stechkin" and also the shield for special forces "Vant-VM". Manufactory located in Russia.


One of the largest manufacturers of shooting and observation optics in Russia.The product line is represented by the following main areas: day and night sights for adaptation to any hunting weapon, day and night observation devices, thermal imaging sights and observation devices, laser rangefinders, optical-mechanical devices for high-precision measurement in industry. The company has a full production cycle, including testing of all products in its own control and testing center.

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