Stich Profi

Stich Profi

Stich Profi is a company originating in Yekaterinburg, where from 1992 until today, we have been producing high-quality tactical equipment and clothing for law enforcement agencies, equipment for real hunters, leather and plastic holsters for people who own weapons.

For more than 26 years of our company’s existence, we have gone from a small garment factory specializing in leather holsters for weapons to a leading manufacturer in our industry, constantly mastering new directions and applying modern technologies in our production.

The main indicator of work, we always consider the trust of customers and partners. Thousands of reviews from satisfied customers speak for themselves. Among our customers, we are pleased to note such organizations as the Presidential Security Service, the FSB, FAPSI, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Guard, the Office of Special Communications, numerous security companies, hunting farms, and more than 500 Russian stores.

Today, the range of products exceeds 10 thousand positions, but never stopping at what has been achieved, we are always in search of new directions. So, in 2009, the first samples of tactical equipment appeared. Today it is in demand among all the power units of the country.

At the end of 2017, we started working on our own line of clothes and in 2018, the first fleece sweatshirts and hats were released. We paid close attention to camouflage, as one of the main elements of reconnaissance equipment. The first in Russia we began to produce winter tactical equipment in the colors of Multicam Alpine.

In 2017, we had our own warehouse in Europe, which allowed us to supply global brands to Russian consumers at a reduced price. At the same time, we launched a bonus program for regular customers.

Today Stich Profi is a group of companies in which the best professionals in their field work. Own production area in Yekaterinburg occupies more than 3000 square meters. Several workshops, each in its own direction, work daily to meet the demand for equipment and ammunition for both ordinary weapon lovers and special forces of the RF Armed Forces.

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