Tactical Decisions

Tactical Decisions

Tactical Decisions  do not pursue common business values, we are ahead of it.

We are opposed to the "era of consumption", there the goods have a limited duration and functionality.

We’ve decided to produce the most reliable, convenient, universal and functional slings.

We believe that you will enjoy the sling for many years and will pass it to your son or grandson. We rely on the grateful user, who will appreciate DOLG sling and advise others. And maybe will make the useful gift to a relative, friend or colleague.

We are focused on what we do best. A patent for the DOLG sling system will be extended to 51 countries around the world. We are already exporting the slings. And we still have a lot of interesting work ahead!

Tactical Decisions LLC, Moscow, Russia.

DOLG m2  slings
DOLG m2 slings
The slings represent the combination of three-point and single-point sling systems, excluding all th..


DOLG m3  belt quick-detachable (QD)
DOLG m3 belt quick-detachable (QD)
then the belt of the new generation! All ways of wearing. For all types of weapons with connectors f..


DOLG m3 tactical sling
DOLG m3 tactical sling
It’s the new generation of tactical slings! For a detailed description see Military o..


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