Payment Options Information

CryptocurrencyWe give a 10% discount on all products 

How to pay if you haven't used cryptocurrency before?

1. Install a cryptocurrency wallet (for example, Trust Wallet).

2. Log in to the app and purchase cryptocurrency (USDT TRC20 or ERC20) using your card.

3. Send to my wallet.

If you're unsure about the accuracy of your calculations, please verify the amount of cryptocurrency with me.


- Do not attempt to automatically send money directly to my wallet via your card, as the transaction will likely be declined. First purchase (BTC, LTC, or ERC20), then send (BTC, LTC, or ERC20).

- Please send a screenshot confirming the transfer from the app (wallet), showing the wallet number from which the payment was made, and include your order number in the email to

- If you need assistance with cryptocurrency, we will be happy to help. It's as easy as making a payment with a card.

Credit Card:

If you wish to pay by credit card, please place an order on the website and select the "pay by card" option. After we receive and verify your order, a payment link will be sent to you from our address.