Payment methods

CryptocurrencyWe give a 20% discount on all products 

How to pay if you haven't used it?

1. Install a cryptocurrency wallet (for example, Trust Wallet)

2. Log in to the app and buy cryptocurrency (BTC or LTC or ERC20) through the card

3. Send (BTC or LTC or ERC20) to my wallet

If you doubt the accuracy of your calculations - check with me the amount of cryptocurrency



- do not try to automatically send money to my wallet immediately through the card,

because the visa will be denied. Buy first (BTC or LTC or ERC20) then send (BTC or LTC or ERC20)

- send a screenshot confirming the transfer from the application (wallet) indicating the number of the wallet from which the payment was made and indicate the number of your order to

- if you need help with cryptocurrency, then we will be happy to help you - it's as easy as paying with a card.