JSC Izhevsk Motorcycle Plant Axion-Holding is a modern diversified strategic instrument-making enterprise of the country's military-industrial complex, which possesses advanced technologies that allow creating high-tech products that meet the requirements of a market economy. The enterprise develops, manufactures, supplies and further services products in cooperation with leading research institutes and design bureaus of the country.

The main areas of activity are the production of various types of instrumentation:

automated complexes and data exchange systems;

systems for receiving and transmitting, storing and processing telemetric information;

equipment for special communication and radio engineering systems;

printed circuit boards of the fifth accuracy class and higher;

automated control systems for electrical parameters of printed circuit boards, cables, harnesses, relay-switching products, as well as products based on digital integrated circuits;

medical technology;

assemblies and components for the automotive industry;

products for industrial and technical purposes (microprocessor control devices for elevators);

consumer goods;

energy-saving equipment.

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Bracket Cobra "Weaver-Pikatinny"
Bracket Cobra "Weaver-Pikatinny"
Bracket for attaching sights to weapons with a side railFor solving problems of installing an optica..


Red Dot "Cobra" EKP-1S-03 (for AK rifle)
Red Dot "Cobra" EKP-1S-03
"Cobra" EKP-1S-03 sight from Axion is world famous for its high reliability and simplicity. This sig..


Red Dot "Cobra" EKP-8-18 (weaver/picatinny )
Red Dot "Cobra" EKP-8-18 (weaver/picatinny )
Red Dot "Cobra" EKP-8-18 sight from Axion is world famous for its high reliability and simplicity. T..


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