Delivery Information

IMPORTANT: For customers from the USA, select the delivery method - from Kazakhstan. This minimizes risks at US Customs

IMPORTANT: For clients from the Netherlands - send your permission (document) that the state gave you by mail, we will print it out and attach it to the main documents for the customs of the Netherlands

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Shipments may take longer than standard time. Now parcels go up to 45 days.

You can check tracking  here

1. We ship all around the world. For the last several years we have sent over thousand orders to countries such as: USA, Japan, Canada, China and around Europe ( Slovakia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Italy, Spain and others)

2. Before paying, make sure that all the address and customer information is filled. Please write the phone number with the country code through the "+".

3. Tell us about any additional documents you need.

4. The delivery time of the goods is no more than 45 days and begins to be calculated on the next day after the Seller receives a message about the Buyer's intention to purchase the goods on the terms proposed by the Seller.