Accessories for body armor

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CPC Mod. 1 front panel for 3 stores

33.75€ (2 632.50₽)

Cumberband Tubes for A-18 Skanda and Goliath
Cumberband for vests of the A-18 Skanda and Goliath series equipped with Tubes locks. It is installe..

37.50€ (2 925.00₽)

Cumberband Tubes for JPC and AVS
Cumberband for body armor JPC or AVS equipped with Tubes locks. Suitable for vests of any manufactur..

36.25€ (2 827.50₽)

Cumberband Tubes for LBT6094
Cumberband for vests of the LBT6094 series equipped with Tubes locks. It is installed instead of the..

68.75€ (5 362.50₽)

Cumberband Tubes for T-Tec

45.00€ (3 510.00₽)

Folding ballistic seat
A two-section seat box for placing one or two ballistic packages protecting the lower back, pelvis a..

52.50€ (4 095.00₽)

Front Panel CPC Mod. 1 MOLLE

17.50€ (1 365.00₽)

Front panel Granite-M, A-18 Skanda for 4 stores

40.00€ (3 120.00₽)

Groin Protection ARS
Protection of the groin ARS is located on the front of the body armor and protects the inguinal zone..

28.75€ (2 242.50₽)

Lower back
Lumbar protection is placed on the back of the bulletproof vest and protects the lumbar area from fr..

16.25€ (1 267.50₽)

MOLLE adapter for StKSS
The universal StKSS adapter developed by Crye Precision for installing the StKSS weight transfer sto..

47.50€ (3 705.00₽)

MOLLE Tubes adapter
Universal adapters with plastic locks designed by First Spear Tubes for quick stripping of the vest ..

23.75€ (1 852.50₽)

Side covers for skeletal cumberbird 6x10.5
Covers are designed to accommodate ballistic packages and plates that fit in dimensions of 6x9 ”inch..

43.75€ (3 412.50₽)

StKSS stops for A-20 Titanium, CPC Mod. 2
Composite stops with quick releaseThe new generation of StKSS stops developed by our company for the..

53.75€ (4 192.50₽)

StKSS stops for CPC and A-18 Skanda
Stops StKSS is part of the Crye Precision Weight Distribution System. The objective of this system i..

47.50€ (3 705.00₽)

StKSS telescopic stops for CPC and A-18 Skanda
Adjustable on-the-go stopsNow you can purchase from us the original telescopic StKSS of the latest g..

117.50€ (9 165.00₽)

Three-Section Seat Mat
This product can be used as a seat box, it is filled with an isolon, a heat-insulating material that..

45.00€ (3 510.00₽)

Tubes Castle
Our company made an analysis of the available solutions for quickly stripping the cumberband and cam..

13.75€ (1 072.50₽)

Universal neck protection
Ballistic module for the protection of the cervical-collar region. Ballistic inserts can be removed ..

50.00€ (3 900.00₽)

Universal shoulder pads
Universal shoulder pads, suitable for most models of body armor. They are installed instead of regul..

27.50€ (2 145.00₽)

Universal shoulder protection
Ergonomic shape provides increased comfort of use and a good fit of the shoulders for better protect..

33.75€ (2 632.50₽)

Zipper Mod body pocket insert
Zipper Mod is a zipper with Velcro, which is installed in the administrative pocket of the body armo..

8.75€ (682.50₽)

MOLLE Zip-on adapter
This adapter allows you to use the full range of rear panels and zip-on zippers on your body armor. ..

16.25€ (1 267.50₽)

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Accessories for body armor