Glasses with a set of replaceable filters "Heaven" Track

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DescriptionGlasses with a set of replaceable filtersIncluded:frame for filterscloth for replacing and cleaning lensesstrap for templessoft casecase for transport and storageReplacement filters:smoky black-polarizedyellow... Read more...


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Glasses with a set of replaceable filters

  • Included:
    frame for filters
    cloth for replacing and cleaning lenses
    strap for temples
    soft case
    case for transport and storage
  • Replacement filters:
    smoky black-polarized
    smoky brown-mirror

See the land from a bird's eye view, ride a wave on a kiteboard, climb a beautiful rocky route or go on a bike trip? ..

Summer offers a lot of opportunities, especially since the sun is in no hurry to set over the horizon. However, even the sun is sometimes too much!

Introducing light, durable sports glasses with interchangeable lenses!

Glasses with interchangeable filters "Heaven »Track cuts out glare, protects the eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, helps them not to lose visual acuity in bright sunlight, and also to see in fog or dusk.

Due to its lightness, great angle of view, snug fit to the face and good ventilation, the glasses are suitable for extreme athletes, cyclists, skiers and fans of various water sports.

Durable polycarbonate filters, in addition to protection from the sun, provide protection from wind, dust, insects, sand, snow and other mechanical influences is safe for the eyes, as they do not break on impact.

The set includes:

  • Smoky black lenses with polarized filter for color-friendly protection from bright sunlight and neutralizes glare from water, snow and wet asphalt. The lenses provide 100% protection against standard UVA radiation and also guarantee 100% protection against UVB radiation. These lenses are not intended for driving at night.
  • Yellow filters - save in fog or low light conditions, and also increase the contrast of objects. The filters have UV400 protection, that is, they are a barrier to all types of rays, the wavelength of which is less than 400 nanometers (this includes ultraviolet radiation). Light transmission of grade 3 optical lenses, which corresponds to 8 & minus; 18% light transmission and provides eye protection in bright sun, sea, mountains or snowy fields.
  • Colorless-specular and smoky brown specular filters - 100% protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation, reflect glare from water, snow, ice or wet asphalt.

Clear lenses are good at night or at dusk, for example, for protection from wind and insects when cycling.

Smoky brown - for high contrast.

Smoothly curved temples with anti-slip protection tight but without pressure cover the head.

For your convenience, the kit includes a lace that attaches to the temples of the glasses.

If necessary, you can carry the glasses in a soft carrying case or sturdy case for carrying and storing the entire set.

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