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IMTsL 200x75 microscopes are manufactured according to the technical conditions AL2.787.140TU and are designed to measure: in transmitted and reflected light of external linear dimensions and shaft diameters up to 200... Read more...


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IMTsL 200x75 microscopes are manufactured according to the technical conditions AL2.787.140TU and are designed to measure:

  • in transmitted and reflected light of external linear dimensions and shaft diameters up to 200 mm. in the longitudinal direction and up to 75 mm. in the transverse direction;
  • angles of products up to 360 ° along the goniometer head and round table;
  • cutters, milling cutters, cams and other tools, as well as templates of any configuration, the dimensions of which allow you to install them on the measuring table of the microscope.

    The measurement can be performed in rectangular and polar coordinates:

    • thread taps in diameter, pitch and angle of the profile;
    • thread gauges in step, profile angle, straightness of the profile and inner diameter;
    • cone gauges, cylindrical and conical bushings, radius profiles;
    • p distance between the centers of the holes.

    The principle of operation of microscopes is based on the use of photoelectric displacement transducers with linear scales that allow you to count the movements of the coordinate table with the output to a digital reading device.

    Instrument microscopes can be equipped with a video system for outputting images to a computer monitor and software for automated processing of measurement results.

    The microscope is designed to work under the following conditions :

    • ambient temperature (20 + 3) ° С;
    • rate of change of temperature in the working space during the measurement process not more than 0.5 ° С for 1 h;
    • relative humidity of ambient air 80 %;
    • mains voltage (220 +22 / -33) V;
    • mains frequency (50 +/- 1) Hz;

    Scope: workshops and measuring laboratories of mechanical engineering, instrumentation, microelectronics, laboratory institutes.

    Microscopes are equipped with two-coordinate measuring tables execution 2 (rotary plate).

    Microscopes izgo Type A without column tilt and Type B with column tilt.

    Designation of instrumental microscopes.

    • IMTsL 200x75, A
    • IMTsL 200x75, B

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    Technical characteristics of instrument microscopes IMCL 200x75 of all modifications Name Value Measuring range of lengths by the coordinate table, mm, in the directions: longitudinal 0-200 across  0-75 Visible magnification of the eyepiece of the sighting microscope, fold 10 Visible increase in the reading device of the ocular goniometer head, fold 45 Range of measurement of flat angles by the ocular angle gauge, ° 0-360 Angle of rotation of the dial of the round coordinate table, ° 0-360 The angle of rotation of the slab of the coordinate table, ° +/- 5 Range of indications of the scale of the radii of arcs, mm 0.1-60.0 Range of measurement of the radii of arcs, mm: with a 1x lens 5.5-30.0 < / td> with a 3x lens 0.1-5.0 Maximum angle of inclination of the microscope column relative to the vertical plane, ° +/- 12.5 The maximum angle of inclination of the center line of the headstock relative to the horizontal plane, ° +/- 12 Maximum melt between centers, mm: headstock with horizontal position of the center line when measuring products with diameter: < / td> up to 39 mm 315 up to 85 mm 235 headstock with tilt center line 200 center headstock with high centers when measuring products with a diameter: up to 160 mm 180 up to 180 mm 160 Maximum diameter of the product, mm, installed in the centers: headstock with horizontal line position centers 85 headstock with a tilt center line 70 headstock with high centers 180 < TD class = content-light> Maximum diameter of the product installed in prismatic supports, mm 130 Distance between the lens and the slide of the coordinate table, not less, mm < TD class = content-light> 200 Distance from the column to the axis of the microscope tube (reach), not less, mm 185 Division price, ... ': scales of the ocular angular head 1 of the nonius scale of rotation of the limb of the coordinate table 3 of the nonius of the inclination of the line of headstock centers 15 microscope column tilt scales 30 < tr> Digital resolution at detailed measurements, mm 0.0001 Accuracy for measuring linear dimensions, mm +/- 0.003 Maximum mass of the measured product, kg,: installed on the coordinate table 20 installed in the center of the headstock 5 Overall dimensions of the microscope with an ocular goniometer head, mm, not more: 540x570x620 Transport containers, mm, no more: 1720x1260x1070 Weight, kg, no more of the microscope with an ocular angular head 90 of the main set microscope in a shipping container 230 Rated power consumption, V o A 120 Mains voltage, V 220 + 22 / -33 Current frequency, Hz 50 +/- 1

    < / tr> < / tr>

    Set supplies of instrument microscopes IMTsL 200x75 of all modifications:

    Name Quantity
    Microscope 1
    Digital reading device UTsO-209S 1
    Angular ocular head 1
    Highlight 1
    3x Lens 1
    Table 1
    Harness ОС-ВМ-II-5-1000 1
    Headstock with centers 1
    Highlight 1
    Control roller 1
    Single spare parts kit < / td>
    Shipping container
    Operational documentation

    At the request of the customer, the microscope can be additionally equipped with accessories:

    • Video module to display an image of the measurement process and results of measurements on the monitor New!
    • Contact device for measuring holes
    • Lens 40x
    • Lens 20x
    • Lens 10x
    • Double image head
    • Double image head (in optional colors)
    • Eyepiece head (with a set of thread profiles)
    • Eyepiece head (with arcs of different curvatures)
    • Center headstock with high centers
    • Headstock (with tilt center line)
    • Prism for centerless objects
    • Reflector with high magnification
    • Television device
    • Device p projection
    • Lens 1x
    • Lens 5x
    • Eyepiece
    • Reflector
    • Table
    • Stand (2 types)
    • Press
    • Line measure

    The entire line of instrumental microscopes is included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments and is undergoing initial verification by the state metrological service.

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