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Storm Combat Tactical Shirt Combat Tactical Shirt is a hybrid of a field tunic and thermal underwear. It is combined from materials of various properties. The body of the shirt is made of lightweight, hygroscopic and ... Read more...

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Storm Combat Tactical Shirt

Combat Tactical Shirt is a hybrid of a field tunic and thermal underwear. It is combined from materials of various properties. The body of the shirt is made of lightweight, hygroscopic and quick-drying knitwear, and the sleeves are made of high-strength and wear-resistant material.

Raglan cut shirt. This design gives the greatest freedom of movement. Knitted gussets provide good moisture removal and wearing comfort. In the upper part of the sleeves there are patch pockets with a zipper. On pockets there is a velcro loop for attaching patches. The elbow area is reinforced with a pocket-pad on the velcro fastener, which allows you to insert the elbow. The lower section of the sleeves is decorated with a one-piece cuff. The width of the sleeves at the bottom is adjustable with a stitch and Velcro fastener.

Shirt with a central, non-detachable zipper. The central fastener plastron has a protective clearance, the lower part of which is made of soft knitwear. The stand-up collar is tight to prevent foreign objects from falling behind it. The inner part of the collar is made of soft knitted fabric, as well as the body of the shirt.

The shelf and back of the shirt are elongated, which contributes to the comfortable wearing of the product in a tucked-in form.

All seams of the product meet the requirements for these materials.

The material of the sleeves of the shirt.

The fabric of the Rip-Stop sleeves is blended, consisting of 50% nylon and 50% cotton. Natural and synthetic fibers in the fabric allow you to combine the best properties of synthetic and natural materials.

Nylon is a unique material created by DuPont in 1935. Lightweight, resilient, quick-drying, extremely durable and wear-resistant material made from polyamide fibers with low pilling properties. Polyamide fibers are not destroyed by microorganisms and mold, do not dissolve with organic solvents, are resistant to alkalis of any concentration. It has fire resistance. The presence of nylon provides this cladding material with creasing resistance, resistance to repeated deformations and water resistance of the surface layer of which the complex material is composed.

The presence of cotton in the fabric provides hygienic properties - good hygroscopicity - the ability to quickly absorb and give moisture, breathability and vapor permeability, moderate heat resistance.

The fabric is easy to wash, does not require ironing. The name “rip-stop” is formed by two English words: “rip” - to break and “stop” - termination. Indeed, small holes, punctures and cuts on this fabric do not tear further and do not increase in size. This feature is associated with the specific structure of rip-stop fabric: reinforcement threads - nylon - are woven crosswise into it at an equal distance (5-8 mm) from each other. The result is a reinforced fabric of increased strength, not wrinkling, not stretching and not shrinking after getting wet.

Polartek khaki mesh 1LYR POLY JRSY / TNCL MESH 75% polyester 25% tencel lyocell color SP GREEN 2 art. 6093ORX37A21A

Shirt body

The knit fabric consists of 75% polyester and 25% tencel lyocell (viscose).

Polyester is made up of polyester fibers. These fibers have high thermal resistance, and is also lightweight, resilient, durable, frost-resistant, resistant to decay and mold, moth-resistant material. It is steady against washing and dry cleaning. The presence of this fiber in the knitted fabric of the body of the shirt gives it the properties necessary for long-term operation.

Tencel lyocell is a fiber developed by the English company Courtaulds Fibres and is made from eucalyptus wood. Thanks to nanotechnology, Lyocell combines all the best from natural and artificial fibers.

The main features of Lyocell are:

  • Strength. Much stronger than viscose and cotton. It does not break even when wet.

  • Hygroscopic. Lyocell has the highest moisture absorption rates.

  • Hypoallergenic. The fiber structure prevents the accumulation of dust and bacteria.

  • Breathability. Lyocell materials pass air well (30% better than cotton), making the finished product “breathable”.

The properties of this fiber provide: convenience and product comfort in wear; excellent appearance for a long time; the crush resistance of the material, good elasticity and fit on the figure, dimensional stability, bactericidal properties, low pilling, air and vapor permeability, hypoallergenic.

This shirt combines simplicity, reliability, comfort and functionality, allows wear bulletproof vest, Plate Carrier, and other items of equipment for a long time.

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