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We present to your attention a membrane suit “Smog”. Upper fabric composition: Ripstop 50/50 cotton / polyester. Membrane: Concordia (Belgium) - 10,000 mm of water per cubic meter. see. Recall the main properties of the... Read more...

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We present to your attention a membrane suit “Smog”. Upper fabric composition: Ripstop 50/50 cotton / polyester. Membrane: Concordia (Belgium) - 10,000 mm of water per cubic meter. see.
Recall the main properties of the membrane in clothing:
1. Does not allow moisture outside. The membrane retains rain, snow, dew, and high humidity from the outside. 
2. Excellent "breathes", i.e. Allows free circulation of air in both directions, providing the necessary ventilation. 
3. It quickly and efficiently removes the fumes of the human body, leaving you dry even with significant physical activity. 
4. Despite the fact that the membrane “breathes”, it is not blown, because its structure does not allow high-speed air flows to come into direct contact with the body. The outer part of the costume is made of mixed fabric that protects the thin inner lining fabric on which the membrane is applied. Thus, the membrane itself is located between two layers of fabric and is protected from damage from the outside and abrasion from the inside. 
The jacket is made in the classic field style. In its front part, it is fastened with a durable polyamide central zipper, which is covered by a strap with two Velcro and four buttons. In the upper part of the jacket, this zipper closes high enough, covering the lower part of the face. In such a closed form, in combination with a hood that has a tightening along its edge, the jacket completely protects the head from the weather, leaving only eyes and nose open. The hood also has a small vertical adjustment with Velcro in the back of the head, allowing you to vary its volume. The jacket has four classic patch pockets in its front. Two upper breast pockets (160x140 mm) and two pockets below (200x180 mm) are equipped with hem valves, each of which closes with one large button. All four pockets have a special cut, giving them some volume, which allows you to store overall objects there. To the right and left of the central zipper, at the level and height of the chest pockets, there are vertical entrances into the two large (400x180 mm) flat hidden jacket pockets, closed by a moisture-resistant zipper. These pockets at the bottom reach the waist of the jacket. In addition, the jacket has a pocket (200x180 mm) closed by a horizontal polyamide zipper in its inner right-hand side. In the upper part of the left sleeve of the jacket there is a small (160x85 mm) pocket that closes with a flap button and has an additional compartment for a ballpoint pen or pencil. In the lumbar part and in the lower section, the jacket has drawstrings that allow you to customize it according to the figure. All the jackets of the jacket, including the one in the hood, are equipped with plastic clips, and the buttons of the suit are sewn on the sling, which significantly increases their reliability. Sleeve cuffs are adjustable and Velcro fastened. There are two removable shoulder straps on the shoulders of the jacket, allowing you to attach additional false shoulder straps with insignia on them.
Suit trousers have a free cut. Their waist part in front is not openable. On the sides of the waist, with a dial arrangement for 2 and 10 hours, there are cutouts that are closed by horizontal Velcro flaps. These open cuts help put on trousers on the body. Polyamide “wing” type buckles are sewn to the right and left flaps covering the closed cuts on a 25 mm sling, to which are fastened, a sling pants on the belt, a 25 mm stretch tape. In its central part, the strap is sewn to the belt in the center of the back and works equally on tension in both directions. So that the tape does not interfere with wearing trousers, it passes through four belt slats in the waist, with their dial arrangement for 4, 5, 7 and 8 hours. Thus, a waist belt is not required, but if it is needed, it can be threaded into the sling. The waist part itself is made of a double layer of mixed fabric and has sufficient density for comfortable wearing of trousers. Ahead, below the waist part, is a vertical, wide neckline, covered with a polyamide zipper and a small bar made of a double layer of fabric. To the right and left below the waist are two classic trouser deep mortise pockets. On the right and left, on each of the trousers there is a large (250x170 mm) hip pocket, tailored in a special way to increase the volume. Pockets are closed by flaps with a hem on one large button. In the buttock of the trousers there are also two flat back patch pockets (160x150 mm), closed with buttons on the buttons. Below the hip pockets, on the outside of the trousers there are vertical polyamide zippers reaching the bottom of the trousers. These zippers cover additional mortise inserts of the legs. When zippers are opened, the width of the trousers of the lower sections increases, which makes it convenient to customize them by dressing on top of shoes with a high top. In addition, along the lower sections of the trousers there are cords-pulls that tighten the edge of the trousers around the leg. All straight seams of a suit are made by a seam "a direct line". The patch pockets and flaps are sewn using a double-hem seam. The corners of the pockets are reinforced with a zigzag zipper.

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