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We present to your attention a wind-protective monsoon suit. The suit has an attractive modern design, goes well with modern field uniforms and products from Polartec, forming a top layer that protects against moisture a... Read more...

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We present to your attention a wind-protective monsoon suit. The suit has an attractive modern design, goes well with modern field uniforms and products from Polartec, forming a top layer that protects against moisture and wind. "Monsoon" is also practical when used with tactical equipment (straps, vests, backpacks) and heavy body armor. The product is convenient not only for military operations, but also for a wide range of vigorous activity in field and city conditions. The costume consists of a jacket and trousers. The jacket is not too long; in the buttoned position, its lower cut is slightly lower than the lower back. The stand-up collar fastens with a Velcro closure. A large voluminous hood is hidden in the collar, under Velcro fasteners. Adjustment of the volume of the hood is made by a built-in horizontal rubberized cord with a plastic retainer passing in its middle part. The outer section of the hood is pulled by an integrated rubberized cord with two plastic clips located on the right and left of the collar. The jacket fastens at the front, from the lower cut to the collar, with a durable YKK polyamide zipper. The zipper is covered with a strap fixed by four Velcro locks and a polyamide button (button at the bottom). In the front upper part of the jacket, on the right and on the left, there are two chest pockets (180x360 mm) closed with YKK polyamide zippers. The entrances to the pockets are made under the natural course of the arm from the armpit. The inside of the pockets is made of mesh fabric, which allows you to use open pockets, like ventilation valves. In general, the entire front chest of the jacket is equipped with a mesh lining. Slightly higher than each of the breast pockets, one sewn-in strap with Velcro mate is horizontally located for attaching identification chevrons and signs. Another small similar platform for attaching chevrons is located in the central chest of the jacket on the outside of the strap covering the zipper. On the sleeves of the jacket, in their upper part, there is a patch pocket (160x120 mm) with one side cut-in wedge, for a small increase in volume. These pockets are very convenient in cases where access to the breastplates is difficult when additional equipment is worn on top. Sleeve pockets are closed by valves with double Velcro closures. For greater convenience, these valves have an additional strap that can be grabbed by a gloved hand, or if the hand is frozen or injured. If they are not necessary, the straps can be removed under the valves, fastening them to the inner Velcro. The entire outer area of ​​the sleeve pockets, including the surface of their flaps, is sheathed with Velcro mate, forming convenient platforms for attaching stripes, chevrons and decals. The Monsoon suit jacket also has the possibility of enhanced ventilation, due to two zippered ventilation valves on the inside of the sleeves, close to their base. Cuffs of sleeves are reinforced with a double layer of fabric, slightly assembled by a built-in elastic element, are adjustable and fastened with Velcro closures. The trousers of the Monsoon suit have a design that allows you to quickly put on and take off them without taking off your shoes. To do this, in the upper part, from the right and from the left side, the trousers have YKK vertical polyamide zippers, opening them from the waist down, by 320 mm. In the waist part, the zippers are covered with Velcro closure valves. When wearing trousers, these zippers can be used for additional ventilation. Each of the trousers, in its lower part, at the cut, is also equipped with a similar vertical zipper 270 mm long. When unbuttoned, the leg is easily worn on a laced boot with high berets. The lower sections of the trousers are additionally picked up by a built-in elastic element and fastened with a two-position polyamide button. In the front of the pants are closed with a small zipper (polyamide, YKK), a small Velcro closure and a polyamide button. The waist part of the trousers is made of a double layer of fabric and is slightly tucked up at the back by a built-in elastic element. For the convenience of wearing with a trouser belt on the waist part there are wide swivels with a dial arrangement for 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10 hours. It is possible to wear a waist belt up to 50 mm wide. In front of the trousers, immediately below the belt, deep classic mortise pockets are located on both sides. Their inner part is made of mesh fabric, which provides additional ventilation to the body. Below, on both sides, there are large (240x200 mm) patch lateral hip loops, closed by slightly sloping (down and forward from the horizontal) flaps on two Velcro closures. These pockets have three vertical mortise wedges, if necessary, slightly increasing their volume. In addition, the hip pockets, in their upper cut, can be pulled in by an integrated rubberized cord with a plastic clip. Jacket sleeves in the areas of elbow bends and trousers, in the area of ​​the knee joints, are reinforced with a double layer of fabric. All straight seams of the product are made using the double-hem seam technology. The patch pockets and pocket valves are sewn in the same seam. All corners of the joints are reinforced with zigzag brace.

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