Official manufacturers of cosplay products

Official manufacturers of cosplay products

We are the official manufacturers of cosplay products. We have several areas and we are constantly expanding and adding new ones.

Direction  "helmet and mask": we produce a helmet on the universes of the Star Wars, many films such as Spider-Man, Batman. We make masks from famous games, such as Halo, Doom, Mass Effect, Fallout, Mortal Kombat, Titan Fall, Death Stranding, Metro 2033 and many others

Direction "Suits": We make suits from games such as Stalker, Metro 2033, new projects are being developed. Each costume is made individually for each client and for the size of the client. You get the perfect suits for your body.

Direction "Lightsaber from Star Wars": high-quality Lightsaber made of metal. Each Lightsaber is handmade. Swords Obi-Wan, Vader, Phoenix. Which side are you on?

Direction "Figures": We offer you a manual painting of each individual figure. Our artists can satisfy all your wishes. Balrog from The "Lord of the Rings", Baby Yoda from the "Mandalorian", Crazy from the "Borderlands"

Directions "Other": Here we place everything that was not included in the main categories, but also interesting, for example, the Thor Mjolnir, or the Sword from "Game of Thrones"

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