Ratnik Equipment

Assault RK-ShT-30 satchel
The pack of the assault RK-ShT-30 from the Techinkom company is included in the set of 6B46 Ratnik ..

102.60€ (8 413.20₽)

Autonomous Heat Source 6E3 Ratnik
The main aspect of survival in the cold is maintaining your body at a normal temperature. Subcoolin..

12.60€ (1 033.20₽)

Backpack 6Sh118 Ratnik
The 6Sh118 backpack from the modern equipment set of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - t..

117.00€ (9 594.00₽)

BNZ 6B46 Ratnik
The protective breastplate (BNZ) 6B46 provides the possibility of different configuration of the we..

388.80€ (31 881.60₽)

Bullet-proof vest 6B45 (6B43)
Bullet-proof vest 6B45 (6B43)
One of the most durable and reliable bulletproof vests in the world is the 6B45 bulletproof vest of..

142.00€ (11 644.00₽)

Flashlight 6E2
The 6E2 tactical flashlight from the combat gear kit Ratnik does not lose its performance even in e..

46.80€ (3 837.60₽)

Gloves 6Sh122 Ratnik
Tactical gloves 6Sh122 from the Warrior kit. Tactical gloves differ from ordinary gloves by the pre..

39.60€ (3 247.20₽)

Helmet 6B47 Ratnik
Buying a 6B47 helmet from the Warrior combat gear kit means providing yourself with excellent prote..

271.80€ (22 287.60₽)

IF-10 6E1 filter
Providing yourself with clean drinking water in the field, when water can be taken only from open r..

28.80€ (2 361.60₽)

Joint Protection Kit 6B51
GLC (joint protection kit) 6B51 has been successfully used by various power structures, including t..

77.40€ (6 346.80₽)

KMD 6Sh122 Suit Camouflage Bilateral
The use of a two-sided camouflage kit 6Sh122 from the Ratnik equipment is possible not only in powe..

127.80€ (10 479.60₽)

Knife 6E6 Ratnik
A universal knife, or multi-tool with the GRAU 6E6 index, is included in the “Warrior” equipment ki..

82.80€ (6 789.60₽)

Knife 6x9 Ratnik
Knife "KAMPO" 6x9 The warrior is not a cold weapon and is intended for use in camping conditions w..

300.60€ (24 649.20₽)

Points 6B50 Ratnik
If you participate in hostilities, or other events where there is a risk of splinters, chemically a..

90.00€ (7 380.00₽)

Satchel Patrol Ratnik
The patrol satchel is included in the set of 6Sh117 combat equipment of KBS 6B52 Ratnik. Color E..

73.80€ (6 051.60₽)

Shelter Universal 6Sh120
Rain, snow, or wind often create problems while outdoors. Having bought universal cover 6Sh120 from..

46.80€ (3 837.60₽)

Shovel Infantry Small (LM) 6E5
Small Infantry Shovel (LPM) 6E5, introduced into the armed forces to replace the MPL-50 small infan..

16.20€ (1 328.40₽)

Sleeping bag Bag Ratnik SpN
Army sleeping bags are one of the main elements of soldier's ammunition, designed to significantly ..

90.00€ (7 380.00₽)

Suit Camouflage Winter KMZ 6Sh119 Ratnik
The costume is planned to be disguised in winter - in a snowy forest, a field where white predomina..

45.00€ (3 690.00₽)

Watch 6E4-1 Ratnik
Tactical army watches from the “Ratnik” set of modern equipment of the Russian army (GRAU 6E4-1 Ind..

127.80€ (10 479.60₽)

ZhTM 6Sh117 Unloading Vest Transport Modular
The modular transport unloading vest 6Sh117 from combat equipment "Ratnik" will be a good help in e..

194.40€ (15 940.80₽)

Headset GSh-01 6M2 Ratnik
The headset with the active hearing protection system ГСШ-01 6М2 from the structure of the modern c..

64.80€ (5 313.60₽)

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Ratnik Equipment