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Brand: KNAYZ
Product Code: Suit from Stalker "SEVA" 2

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(* MANUFACTURE 5 WEEKS!)Equipment:Overalls (Sanitary valve, gray shoulder pads, stand-up collar).Protective vest (protection of the groin and lower back foam).Hip pads 2 pcsChevrons are sewn by default. You can put a vel... Read more...


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Overalls (Sanitary valve, gray shoulder pads, stand-up collar).

Protective vest (protection of the groin and lower back foam).

Hip pads 2 pcs

Chevrons are sewn by default. You can put a velcro, specify when ordering.

Composition of fabric jumpsuit:

Blend Fabric 65% Cotton 35% Polyester

Composition of fabric vest:

Cordon 600D and Blended 65% Cotton 35% Polyester,

It is possible to put on thermal underwear, a warm sweater or a fleece jacket.

To order you will need:

1) Add the product to the cart.

2) If you do not have a standard figure, take the sizes according to the scheme presented below.

You need to measure in centimeters, without any reserves, end-to-end tyk.

1-total growth

2 chest girth


4-girth of the hips, buttocks around the convex places

5-height from the cervical vertebra to the floor / separately to the waist

6-arm length from shoulder to wrist, in a slightly bent position

7-neck girth

8-height from the crotch to the floor

9-height from waist to floor

10-shoulder to neck width

11-front height from neck to waist

12-width back

13-from the edge of the shoulder to the center of the elbow

14-from the waist to the center of the knee

15-biceps girth



18-ankle girth

A detailed measurement scheme in the figure in the photos to the product

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