The Buteks company is one of the leaders in the shoe production market. For more than 15 years we have been creating professional and casual footwear. The products of our company are of high quality. The range offered by our company will satisfy the needs of any client. Here you can buy casual shoes, special shoes and military style shoes.

When creating models, we use only high quality materials. Lining "SuperRoyal", which is made of durable non-woven materials, Italian membrane "TE-POR", various linings and 3D meshes. Each model has a reinforced thermoplastic material "TecnoGi". For winter footwear options, various lining options are provided, such as natural sheep fur, semi-woolen stuffed fur, natural Merino sheep wool, varieties of faux fur. Modern heaters such as WinThermSafety are also used. To increase the level of wear resistance of shoes, Matrix leather is used, which is covered with a special polyurethane coating. The company "BUTEKS" uses in its products such materials as natural velor, natural leather and nubuck produced by the best manufacturers in Russia. For spring-summer models, high-strength 1680D nylon fabrics and natural materials linen and 100% cotton are used, providing the necessary comfort. In the production of footwear, various methods of attaching soles are used - the glue-and-stitch method, the adhesive method, the injection method. As part of the assortment of shoes of the Butex trademark, there are various types of soles that are made of polyurethane (PU), thermopolyurethane (TPU), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber.

All new models of the "X-BOOTS" series use modern imported two-layer PU soles plus rubber, as well as rubber of increased wear resistance. In the production of boots "Buteks" of the injection method of fastening, molds of two-layer soles made by German specialists are used. This sole is made using modern materials polyurethane plus thermopolyurethane (PU / TPU). Injection footwear "BUTEKS" is produced on the German equipment "DESMA".

We constantly update the assortment. In 2011, the team of BUTEX.RU LLC decided to create a new line of modern tactical and hiking shoes. This is how the "X-BOOTS" line appeared, which is still developing and replenishing. At the same time, such well-known series of shoes as Cobra (Cobra), Mongoose (Mongoose), Peregrine Falcon (Peregrine), Wolverine (Wolverine), Fighter (Warrior) and others appeared. The "Cobra" series includes more than 10 models in different modifications. Boots of the "X-BOOTS" series have found their application in the field of tourism and travel for people with an active lifestyle. Bertsy "Cobra" and "Mongoose" visited all corners of Russia. We are a footwear manufacturer that is not afraid to communicate directly with the end customer. In social networks - Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, as well as on the forums of our partners, such as Splav Company, the Guns.ru weapons portal, we conduct live communication with end users (we conduct surveys and photo contests, communicate about promising news, and accept suggestions).

The Buteks team conducts tests of all its new products through a network of test teams, and also cooperates with professionals in all fields. We always listen to the professional opinion of hunters, famous tourists, travelers, and survivalists. Buteks shoes are ready for use in the most difficult and extreme conditions.

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