9x39 (STO)

9x39 (STO)

«9х39» is a trademark of the company “Airsoft Tactical Weapons”, LLC, developing and producing airsoft weapons.

The Limited Liability Company “Airsoft Tactical Weapons” (STO, LLC), started its work in May 2010 in Magnitogorsk under the brand name “9x39”, specializing in the development and manufacture of high-precision airsoft replicas and accessories (tactical body kits, magazines, tactical forearms, sights, assault rifle spare parts).

Старков Евгений - основатель 9х39 (ООО "СТО")

STO, LLC, puts the emphasis onto making the weapon copies similar to the original military weapons as much as possible. The range of products includes: lasertag equipment, replicas and airsoft models of the assault rifles, being in service in special subdivisions:

 VSS Vintorez – with a wooden gun-butt;

AS VAL – with a gun-butt folding sideways;

SR-3 Vikhr – with a gun-butt folding upwards;

SR-3M– with a gun-butt folding sideways and a detached silencer;

VSK-94 – with a plastic gun-butt and a detached silencer;

-  9A91– with a gun-butt folding upwards and a detached silencer;

OTs-14 Groza -  Bull-up configuration.


Airsoft Tactical weapons, LLC (Magnitogorsk) is the first company in Russia, producing airsoft weapons.

Airsoft weapons is used for the airsoft game – extreme team game where the participants shoot from pneumatic airsoft weapons with plastic balls. In addition, airsoft weapons can be used for: personnel training in the special subdivisions of the Ministry of Defence, Federal National Guard Troops Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs; within the framework of government programmes of pre-army training, for the youth military training and patriotic upbringing, within the programmes and courses for training shooting and weapon handling skills.

The key purpose of STO, LLCprovide the airsoft players with high-precision replicas of affordable and high-quality airsoft weapons, produced in Russia.

Our slogan is “RUSSIAN AIRSOFT SPORT WITH RUSSIAN WEAPONS”. The products, manufactured by STO, LLC, are designated for airsoft players  and defence&law enforcement agencies for military and tactical training (Subdivisions of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs).

All our airsoft weapon models are high-precision copies of the original fire assault weapons due to the cooperation of  STO, LLC, with the Russian defence and law enforcement agencies.

The airsoft products, manufactured by Airsoft Tactical Weapons, LLC, has all mandatory compliance certificates, the products are patented. The items are produced at up-to-date equipment with the application of technologies, meeting all the requirements set forth to its manufacture. The quality assurance system of STO, LLC, has an international certificate, issued by the body G-SERTi on the compliance with an international standard ISO 9001:2015 (IAF level) in the area “Research&Development, Manufacture, Implementation, Organization of Repair and Maintenance of Pneumatic Toys (Pneumatic Assault Rifle) of Less than 3 J”.

The Design Department of Airsoft Tactical Weapons, LLC, is continuously working on the enhancement of the design& manufacturing technology of the produced items. The creative potential and the company’s technical facilities facilitate the manufacture of new competitive and innovative products.

All the efforts and actions of Airsoft Tactical Weapons, LLC, are oriented towards making the airsoft products reliable and easy-to-use high-precision replicas accessible for consumers, both in Russia and abroad.

Categories Manufacturer 9x39 (STO)

9A-91 RIS forearm 100
STO - 9A-91RISforearm100
9A-91 RIS forearm 110 / 145 m/c by 9x39..


AS VAL (9x39)
Air electric gun Special Automatic Rifle AS VAL is a airsoft copy of the famous 9-mm Special Automat..


AS VAL (HPA) 9x39
Air electric gun Special Automatic Rifle AS VAL is a airsoft copy of the famous 9-mm Special Automat..


AS VAL Luxe (9x39)
Air electric gun Special Automatic Rifle AS VAL (AEG) design LUXE is a airsoft copy of the famous 9-..


AS VAL with Picatinny rail (9x39)
STO - AS VAL (AEG) with Picatinny rail
Air electric gun Special Automatic Rifle AS VAL is a airsoft copy of the famous 9-mm Special Automat..


Grenade launcher RGM-40 Kastet
STO - Grenade launcher RGM-40 Kastet
Airsoft version of the famous 40-mm grenade launcher manual compact RGM "Kastet" (English: Brass knu..


mags (100 balls) 9A91/VSK-94 (9x39)
STO - mags (100 balls) 9A91/VSK-94 (9x39)
Used only with rifles brand (manufacturer) "9x39"High-capacity magazine (100 balls) 9A91/VSK-94 ..


Receiver cover button
STO - Receiver cover button
Receiver cover button..


SR-3M (AEG) RIS Cardian and Suppressor
STO - SR-3M (AEG) RIS Cardian and Suppressor
Airsoft electro-pneumatic machine gun SR-3M with RIS forearm "Cardian" and quick-detachable Suppress..


VSK-94 9x39
STO - VSK-94-9x39


VSS Vintorez (STO 9x39)
STO - VSSVintorezSTO9x39
Air electric gun Sniper rifle special VSS Vintorez with dark sniper's butt is a airsoft copy of the ..


Groza (OTs -14) KIT
STO - Groza (OTs -14) KIT
You can buy body KIT of Legendary rifle "OTs-14 Groza"High Pressure Air gun OTs-14 Groza is a airsof..


Groza (OTs-14) (HPA) (9x39)
STO - Groza (OTs-14) (HPA) (9x39)
High Pressure Air gun OTs-14 Groza is a airsoft copy of the famous 9-mm Automatic grenade launcher O..

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